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Long PlayStation 3 Hardware Discussion

PS3 PlayStation 3Do you like the PS3? Do you think that maybe you’d like to own one someday? Or maybe, you’re just slightly interested in the PS3? Do you have hours and hours of free time, which you struggle to fill up with something to do?

If any of those conditions speak to your heart, why not try something really old-fashioned, and read a novel really long article about the PS3? Some dude who calls himself EbonySeraphim (literally, that means “black angel”) had some time on his hands and so decided to do a rundown of everything available about the PS3, comparing it in many cases to the 360. As well, he tries to debunk some of the slander thrown the PS3’s way (successfully or not is up to you to decide).

I started reading this and frankly my eyes started to glaze over and I fell out of my chair displacing my hip. So I’m not so sure I’m gonna try again. But I guess I really should, to see if there are any nuggets that are new in there. Do I have any volunteers to summarize the best of this article? Anyone at all? Do I hear crickets?!?

A very small thanks to Segitz for the tip. (I would have given a big thanks, but there’s that hip thing.)

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