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Midway Boss is Pro Blu-ray

With all the bad mojo about Sony recently, it’s nice to see someone back Sony up on something. And that “someone” is the president of a big gaming company.

Midway’s president and CEO David Zucker thinks that Blu-ray is an asset for Sony and the PS3 in the upcoming console war. That’s something I totally agree with, and I like the fact that the president of a large gaming company agrees with me. I had to give him a call to convince him to come out of the closet! 🙂

Not only that, he also thinks that the price of the PS3 isn’t so bad. Remember that the PS3 will sell for $600, and that the PS3 Jr will go for $500. Mr. Zucker says “There’s a lot in the PlayStation 3; think about the fact that you get Blu-ray, the next-generational leap in DVD – you get a Blu-ray player in the machine. When you think about that and some of the feature sets that come with it, including the hard drive, it seems like a reasonable price for the early launch. Presumably that price will come down over time as they move through the console cycle.” – Midway boss backs Blu-ray