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More Co-op Games Please

One of my favourite games is Champions of Norrath (CoN). Prior to that game, I’d never played any RPG’s, so the idea was new to me and fresh. But that’s not the main reason I liked the game. Sure I played it a full weekend straight when my wife was away with the kids. After a while, though, playing single player didn’t interest me too much anymore. It’s the multiplayer co-op aspect that gives the game such lasting appeal. I still play CoN and its sequel, Return to Arms (RtA) with my friends and have a blast.

I’ve always made it abundantly clear here that I prefer multiplayer games. I love sitting down around my TV with my friends, gabbing about the latest happenings inbetween bouts of killing, racing, hacking, and slashing. And while playing against one another is fun, we’ve found that co-operative play can be even more fun.

It’s fun in games like Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter to plop ourselves down in a city with 40 bad guys and go on the hunt. “By the fountain! By the fountain! Got two – there’s another three sneaking around the west side!” It’s really a blast, and it helps to play on a large HDTV!

VicViper over at bits & bytes & pixels & sprites makes a strong case for co-op play as well, and he says it much more eloquently than I can. Check it out. I hope that in the next generation, co-op and multiplayer becomes more important, not less. It’s disappointing to see a game with such potential as PGR3 go to two-player. Let’s hope that more games go to multiplayer and co-op modes, like Resistance: Fall of Man.

bits & bytes & pixels & sprites – Dear Next-Gen, Can Co-Op Come Out and Play?