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Sony Likes Apple’s Style

PlayStation 3Is Sony changing their strategy when it comes to the PlayStation 3 versus the PlayStation 2?

… Kutaragi said Sony would be diverging from the traditional model of hardware, content, and royalties–which he referred to as a product of “the Nintendo era.” He stated that in regards to the PS3, “our message is clear: hardware is our business.” Rather than selling hardware at a loss and compensating with royalties, Sony plans to make the PS3 “a common platform, on which top programmers can realize their full potential.”

But, of course, they will continue to release first party games for the PS3. So I don’t know how that is really diverging in any way from the past. “More than Microsoft,” Kutaragi says, “Apple is closer to our vision [for the PS3].”

I have a MacBook and an iPod nano, and I think that both are technological wonders. I am new to the whole Apple ownership thing, only recently having bought my MacBook, and getting my nano last year. I really understand how the cult of Apple has formed – these are great products that inspire loyalty. If Sony wants to do the same by building an ecosystem around the PS3, like it says in the article, then more power to them.

Sony: I’ll even tell you exactly what to do to achieve this. One. You know that copy of Linux you keep saying will be included with the PS3? Make sure it isn’t brain-dead like PS2 Linux. Keep it open, publish specs, allow homebrew. Two. November 2007 price drop. Three. Last but certainly not least – lots of good games.

Kutaragi: Sony aims to emulate Apple with PS3