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Kutaragi To Headline TGS

Sony’s big PS3 man himself, Ken Kutaragi, is going to give a keynote address at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) on September 22nd this year. While the important stuff about the PS3 is already know, there are lots of little details about the PS3 that are unknown and that are good fodder for Ken’s keynote. Here are some things that I’d like to know.

  1. A little more about Linux. What distribution? Will it be crippled in any way? What kind of software will be available for it? What are the development tools like? How do you access Linux from the PS3?
  2. What kind of media functionality will it have? We know it’ll play music, but can you rip your own CD’s? Can it play music from your home network? What about movies? Videos?
  3. Can you play music from your network or from the HDD in the game? Frankly I’m tired of the music in racing games and would like to use my own.
  4. Will the PS3 indeed be a Location Free server?
  5. How long will the batteries in the PS3 controller last?
  6. What will come included with the PS3? A game? A headset? A BD movie?
  7. Games, of course. Are there any games we don’t know about?

Is there anything I’m missing?

Kutaragi To Headline TGS