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Resistance Fall of Man Online

How does 40 players online at the same time grab you? That’s the latest scuttlebutt about Resistance Fall of Man, if PSM is to be believed:

We put in some serious time playing various maps and modes in multiplayer, and despite our constant deaths at the hands of Insomniac’s seasoned testers we had a blast. Resistance should offer PS3’s Flagship online Multiplayer experience at launch. Of course, you can also play with friends offline via split-screen deathmatch, or partner up and play, co-op through the entire single player game (this can only be done offline).

Online matches are where the real action is, though where as many as 40 players can pack the battlefield (a recent eight-player improvement over the 32-player support announced at E3) We tried standard deathmatch in a small, hilly ice area, and massive 40-player “MELTDOWN” campaigns in a huge jungle-type environment with wooden bridges and platforms in the trees, “Ewok Village”- style.

PS3 Resistance Fall of Man

You can play the entire game co-op with a friend? Cool. Split-screen deathmatch? Cool. But is it four player?

I have to admit that I was never a big fan of alien games. I much prefer going up against humans. I don’t know why. But this game looks like it might be interesting, so I’m keeping my eye on it.

RUMOR: Resistance Fall of Man To Have 40 Players Online?