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Tokyo Games Show ’06 Exhibitors List

I’m really looking forward to the Tokyo Game Show, scheduled to be held Sept 22, 23 & 24, and I was checking out their website & noticed a list of exhibitors that have been confirmed for the event.

Tokyo Game Show ’06

I won’t list all of them but here’s a couple of the big hitters that will be present:

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Square Enix

I’m hoping to see Devil May Cry 4 & Resident Evil 5 from Capcom. A new Dynasty Warriors game from KOEI. A new MGS4 trailer from Konami. Some gameplay footage of Ridge Racer 7 from Namco. Some more playable demos from Sonic by SEGA.

I’m also expecting Sony to reveal some more info & footage of SingStar, Eye of Judgment and possibly another big title that they are secretly working on. I’m also hoping Sony release a ton of info about the PS3’s online capabilities & to announce an official list of launch games & the price of the games.

Last but definitley not least is Square Enix & I’m banking on them showing some new footage of FFXIII.

That’s just a few things that I’m predicting from TGS ’06. What are you guys & girls hoping to see at the TGS?

List of Exhibitors Confirmed for TGS ’06