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No Atari Games for PS3 Until 2007

I have a lot of anger towards Atari after it’s treatment of European gamers (click here to find out why) so I’m not exactly crying into my milk at the news that Atari won’t be supporting the PS3 until 2007.

Atari CEO Bruno Bonnell also made a strange comment to justify the decision. When asked if Atari would be supporting all 3 next-gen consoles equally, Bruno Bonnell said:

“We’re supporting them fairly equally; it’s just that we’re lacking information about the PS3 at this stage, because we have basically a rough release date and a high retail price point.”


So all they know is a rough release date & a high retail price? A release date has been officially set so how is that a rough release date!

Plenty of other developers have more than enough info at their disposal to develop & publish games for the PS3 before 2007 so what’s the problem? I get the impression that they are waiting to see how the launch goes & to see how many units are sold before Atari jumps into bed with Sony. Or maybe they are waiting for more info about Sony’s online plans.

Don’t expect Atari to sell many games in Europe, regardless of which consoles they support until they stop treating us Europeans like dog muck on their shoe.

No Atari Games for PS3 Until 2007