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My Concerns for the PS3

I have two main concerns for the PS3 & I thought I would share these ‘concerns’ with you all.

Some people may share these concerns, others may not, heck you might even be able to lay my fears to rest.

Concern no.1: Will my PS3 look good on a SDTV? There’s no way I’ll be able to afford a HDTV anytime soon so if I got a PS3 it would be plugged into this SDTV.

Henning has mentioned that his friend Todd uses his 360 on a 32″ SDTV and it still looks a lot better that his Xbox. When I do upgrade to a HDTV, I will go no smaller than 40″ but HDTVs over here in England around that size & above, cost around the £1500+ mark. Way out of my price range. I’ll just have to see with my own eyes if I get one at launch.

Concern no.2: You will be able to go online with your PS3 but will you be able to protect your PS3 from viruses, spyware etc? Also will you be able to defrag your hard drive? How secure will your PS3 be when you’re online?

Will Sony offer protection via it’s online service or will you be able to install virus/spyware/firewall protection in the same way you would on a PC?

Do you have any concerns for the PS3 other than the predictable price, backwards compatibility & lack of developers support?