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Full Auto 2: Battlelines Update

Both GameSpot & IGN have updates about PS3 destruction racer Full Auto 2. GameSpot focuses on the multiplayer side of things, enjoying 8 player mayhem using Sony’s PLAYSTATION network platform. Yes it’s up and running apparantley! They also say that the trigger like R2 & L2 buttons gave the braking & acceleration a more “precise feel”. Henning should be pleased about that. 😀

IGN states that the game was running on final PS3 dev kits and although the game was “an alpha build” & it was running without optimization, there was no slowdown to hinder the game until mass destruction took place in multiplayer games. There was also no lag between the 8 dev kits used to play the multiplayer modes on offer.

The motion-sensor wasn’t used in the game but the wireless connection for the pads was apparantley “extremely smooth and responsive throughout each match.”

Once again you can watch a trailer for Full Auto 2: Battlelines by clicking the play icon at the bottom left hand corner of the image above.

Full Auto 2: Battlelines Hands-on Multiplayer

Full Auto 2: Battlelines Progress Report