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Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Videos and Info

IGN has more info about Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. All previous updates about the game have made me like it more and more. But this one has made me a little less excited about the game.

IGN mentions that local multiplayer has two players. Now this is sketchy information at best, so this may not be entirely accurate. But I was hoping for four players, not two. Of course, they do have 4 player co-op online play, but what if I want to have my friends over to play?

It seems that the RPG elements are very restricted as well. The barbarian will always use a two handed weapon, the scout two blades, and the wizard a staff. Upgrading just upgrades those weapons or armour to better versions, but there doesn’t seem to be much room for variety. Each player can also upgrade abilities, which are restricted to 10 each. Better than some games, but not as good as others.

IGN also has a few new gameplay videos, and I’m not sure I like what I see. First off, the graphics don’t really look much different than Champions of Norrath, a very similar game for the PS2. These videos aren’t final, I know, so that’s why I’ll forgive them for the players’ identifying coloured rings which don’t seem to behave properly.

As well, I saw a scene where barrels dropped down from the sky. What the heck is that? Why would they do that? And bad guys were materializing out of thin air, with an admittedly cool looking effect. But this isn’t Gauntlet – I don’t think baddies should just * POOF * appear. It screams “Hey look! We couldn’t think of a better way to bring you bad guys to fight!”

As well, there were camera issues. Sometimes chains or logs or whatever would block the camera, so you couldn’t see the action going on. That’s really annoying, and if that’s not fixed for the release version, I ain’t buying.

So yeah, I’m worried. Some of the issues, like the graphical glitches, can be fixed before release. But others are inherent to the game and aren’t so easy to repair. Right now I’ve changed my thinking to “rental”, but I hope I can change my mind again by launch time.

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