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Some Controller Impressions

Some lucky dogs over at got a chance to actually try out a near-final version of the PS3’s new controller.

They say that the controller is surprisingly light. Okay. Now I’m not going to be surprised. Thanks a lot!

The also say that the analog sticks work a lot better, and the changes will be welcome for FPS fans. Sounds good to me. The sticks felt smoother and floated more loosely, they say.

Here’s what I wanted to hear: “The L2 and R2 triggers are now oversized and “squishy,” making them feel more like analog triggers. We actually preferred these redesigned L2 and R2 triggers to the slightly stiffer Xbox 360 triggers, but that will ultimately be a matter of personal preference.” I like my racing games, so this is good to hear.

And lastly, they got a bit confused about the new center button. Once source told them that it’s a “Home” button for menu navigation, like the Xbox 360. Another source said it was to sync the wireless controller to the PS3. So they got a bit confused. Here’s one for ya: maybe it does both!

Hands On Report: The PS3 Controller