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PS3 Blazing Angels Lowdown has an interview with Ubisoft Romania Studio’s Brand Development Manager Sebastien Dore & they discussed a number of changes to the PS3 version of Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII.

Firstly the graphics have been improved over the 360 & PC versions which were released earlier this year:

The visual appeal of the game has been greatly improved in terms of terrain, effects, water, environment treatment, and perception filtering.

What you can now see on the ground while piloting your plane is far more detailed, featuring complex animations. So overall it looks more realistic.

The motion-sensor that is in the PS3 pad has not been ignored either. You can use the tilt function to control the planes making “you truly feel like a pilot.”

Erm OK. We shall see.

There’s also a whole batch of new stuff that weren’t present in the previous versions including a new cockpit view, new offline & online multiplayer modes & 10 new planes.

So a few new inclusions to a game that wasn’t recieved too well on the 360 but will it be enough for the PS3 version?

What’s new in the PS3 version of Blazing Angels?