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Army of Two. The Lowdown

I recently borrowed my friend’s copy of the first UK PS3 magazine, funnily enough entitled PSM3, and the cover game just happens to be EA’s Army of Two.

There’s quite a bit of new info that I wasn’t aware of about this unique game so I thought I’d share some of the info with you all.

Firstly you’re probably wondering what the two man army’s names are? Well the one wearing the flame engraved ballistic mask (yup they are apparantley bullet proof), on the left in the image below, is known as Rios who is the veteran soldier of the two, while the baldy one on the right is known as Salem who is more prone to acting a little rashly due to his inexperience on the battlefield.

Army of Two

While you obviously control one of the above nutcases, you can either have the AI, an offline friend (who happens to be in the room at the same time as you & he/she also happens to have a second PS3 joypad 😮 ) or an online friend, control the 2nd character.

Interestingly, if your offline/online friend decides he can’t be bothered to play any more then the AI will take over, while the reverse is also apparantley true.

You can give orders to your ally via the headset or by pressing the preset buttons on the pad if you’re a little self conscious or don’t want to get wrong of your partner(I’ll be using the buttons).

If one of you happens to die during the game then you will need to use teamwork to save the life of the fallen soldier. The player that’s controlling the soldier that has been fatally wounded has to press certain buttons furiously to make your character sprint away from the light while your friend presses buttons to make his character beat on your character’s chest to restart his heart. No rest in death then.

The weapons in Army of Two can be fully customised by spending the cash you earn from completing missions on hundred of various weapon parts. Each weapon has 6 attribute points which you can customise to whatever suits your needs. These include damage, accuracy, range and penetration.

The game is viewed from a 3rd person perspective which has immediately got my attention (far too many FPS in development for my liking), with the screen splitting vertically so each player can see his actions independently from his friend while keeping an eye on what your partner is up to.

This is a unique type of game where the quality of the AI could make or break this game but I’m liking what I’ve seen and read of this game so far.

Check out the images at the link below which show some of what I’ve written above, in action.

Not so new images of Army of Two