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GameSpot on Unreal Tournament 2007

When I saw that GameSpot got a chance to talk to Epic’s Jeff Geis about Unreal Tournament 2007, my ears perked up. Way up. But now after reading the article, they’re more or less normal now. Not much was said specifically about the PS3, except for a short paragraph:

We also asked Geis about the PlayStation 3 version, which is being developed alongside the PC game. The Dell XPS system that was used to demo the Unreal Engine 3-powered game was certainly no slouch, but we can hopefully expect even more graphical effects when UT2007 reaches the PS3. Geis commented on how the two versions differ in control. Controlled with the mouse on the PC, fast movements with sudden stops are possible, but vehicle control on the keyboard isn’t all that smooth. On the PS3, the opposite is true–vehicle combat is much more refined with two analog sticks, while the shooting control is not quite as quick or precise as a mouse. He was bullish about the PlayStation 3 game’s quality, though, and although we didn’t see it on show at Leipzig, he said that played against other PlayStation 3 users, he feels right at home.

Ah well, better than nothing, I guess. But the article does talk about some vehicles that’ll be used in the game, and a new Survival mode. It’s a one-on-one deathmatch between players online, but the winner stays on to take on the next challenger. Sounds like it could be a lot of fun, or very very humiliating. Either way.

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