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PS3 Stereo Rumble?

I’ve heard so many rumours about the PS3, I thought it was time to start my own. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff about the PS3, of course. In my readings I get exposed to many weird, crazy, and sometimes downright wrong stories about the PS3. One story that’s been making the rounds recently is that Sony still has another ace up its sleave. At TGS, Sony is supposedly going to announce something about the PS3 that will get everyone talking and will maintain the PS3 buzz until its launch. That sure is a hum-dinger of a rumour, and at first I chose to ignore it. My imagination just isn’t fruitful enough to provide me with a credible way that Sony could do this, so I dismissed it.

But then I thought that maybe all you faithful readers out there might have a better imagination than I do. Surely imagination wanes as you get older, and I’m probably one of the oldest readers of this site. (Yes, I read my own site! Gary and Darrin post here too, don’t forget.) So I thought I’d put it out to you folks: what could this “ace” be? (If it exists.) Of course, I can’t ask you that without providing an idea of my own, so here’s mine. Like I said, my imagination ain’t what it used to be, so I’m just gonna rip off someone else’s, and add a twist.

Sony is working on their own rumble technology for their controller, and it’ll be in stereo! So you’ll have a left and right rumble. This could come in very handy for things like F1 racing games, where the car often rides the curbs, thus rumbling just on that side. What do ya think? I think it might be a fun feature, though it’s hardly earth shattering.

What else could Sony be up to?


  1. Børten

    Stereo rumble?
    Didn’t Konami use this in some old MGS-game for PS1?!??

    Anyway, any rumble would do for me 😉

  2. Interesting idea ….. stereo rumble.

    Maybe the PS3 premium pack will come with a next gen eye-toy! Or … it comes with Mac OS X Tiger, lol. I’d love that.

    !! Maybe they’ll lower the price of each bundle by $100.

    Fun to think about. Only 23 more days until the TGS!

  3. Mmmmm…. next-gen Eye-toy. That would be cool.

    Mac OS X Tiger? Doubt it, though it would be nice. I have a MacBook and love it.

  4. Tom

    I bet they are going to reveal the entire online stradegy and how it is going to demolish
    Xbox Live. They could group that with a next gen Eye Toy. That would be ideal.
    A price drop would be cool but i am definatly not holding my breath.

  5. Michael

    I think it would be cool if Sony said since you all had to wait an extra six months for the ps3 launch, we have decided to upgrade the graphics card. But…I really, really doubt that they will say that. Most likely, they will announce what everyone seems to think they will which is that the ps3 will have rumble functionality, which I don’t really care about. Another great suprise would be that the ps3 can record television like a dvr, but I imagine that software will come out around a year or sooner after ps3 the launch that will allow it to do that anyway. In fact, in the ps3 doesn’t get dvr capability at some point then I’ll be pretty suprised since it will have a hard drive that will be upgradable.

  6. I would bet the price difference that there won’t be a price drop.

  7. You’d need to buy some kind of USB peripheral that has a tuner to be able to record HDTV.

    If Sony did decide to upgrade the specs in the meantime, it would be nice if they decided to up the RAM to 768MB. 512MB just isn’t enough. If they did that, the PS3 would own the next generation.

  8. Michael

    Another cool thing for Sony to do in general would be to include all of the e3 tech demos on the harddrive or through the Sony Network online service. You know, the forest environment demo, the leaf demo, the duck demo, and maybe some others. I think that the simulation demos would be cool to play around with by themselves. That would be a really cool freebie.

  9. Jay

    If stereo rumble isn’t planned, then dammit, that needs to be something someone needs to work on lol. Anyway, maybe it’ll be a surprise list of launch titles or even exclusivity licenses with certain franchises (you never know). I don’t see any more updates on perepherals or hardware (except for maybe a keyboard/mouse bundle). Other than that, the only other reasonable surprise they could throw at us is maybe the bundles coming with a free game or a fully revealed online mode, or possibly it’s OS functionalities.

  10. Pc

    I would deffinately like Sony to announce some kind of in house rumble technology(without a price increase on the system packages) !! That would be a BIG surprise….It would also be nice for them to announce some details on the PNP. I can’t wait to see the gameplay footage from the 27 playable games at the TGS this next month either !!

  11. I know one thing they won’t announce. A deal with aol again! lol Good times.. Good times..
    Seriously folks, some kind of software thing seems a good bet because it’s low cost. Sony just announced mylo with skype built in. Wouldn’t it be great if they used skype tech for the online voice service?

  12. Does nobody care about the games?

    There’s been rumours going round that Resi 5 could be a PS3 exclusive, that would be pretty big news (I don’t care as long as it’s available on PS3).

    I hope they announce some massive PS3 game exclusives & by that I don’t mean for 6 months or 1 year, I mean permanent exclusives to the PS3.

    I’m not really bothered though as all my favourite games are coming to PS3 anyway.

  13. Anyone who WANTS exclusives is a fanboy. It really makes no differance to you, the consumer.

  14. It does make a difference to the consumer. If their favourite games are exclusive to a certain console then they will buy that console over every other console on the market.

    Why do you think most people buy consoles? In an ideal world every game would be multi-format but that isn’t the case.

    Games sell consoles and if a certain console has more big name exclusives than it’s rivals that will increase the likely-hood of it selling more units that it’s rivals.

    Why does Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo pay a lot of money for exclusive rights to certain games, if it doesn’t matter to the consumer?

  15. Exclusive titles are also more likely to be optimized for the target platform, instead of taking a lowest common denominator approach.

    More exclusives also draw more gamers to that platform, thus bringing more developers.

  16. It matters to MS Sony and Nintendo, it doesn;t matter TO YOU. Why should it matter that someone else gets to enjoy a game they otherwise might not have? I don’t care who buys what console.

    Playing games is about having fun, not bitching about sales or having petty wars with people who own other consoles, unless of course you are in the games industry and have money / jobs on the line over it.

  17. Did you read my post at all? Since it doesn’t look like you did, I’ll reiterate here for your consideration. This time I’ll try to spell it out a little more clearly.

    Exclusive probably means a better quality game because the developer only focused on the one platform. That benefit applies pretty directly TO YOU, the gamer.

    Good exlusives mean that more gamers will be drawn to that platform. Which means that more developers will be drawn to that platform. Which will result in a wider selection of titles, which is a benefit TO YOU, the gamer.

  18. So you would rather one company rules them all so to say? Personally wanting more developers to move exclusivly to the most expensive platform to develop on just because you’re a brand name whore is a tad selfish.

    Multi platform games don’t need to be lower in quality. In fact many aren’t. Its all down to the developer at the end of the day.

  19. Get off your high horse Rich.

    It’s a fact of life that you want the console you own to do well. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. Who doesn’t want a large selection of titles? Who doesn’t want high quality games? It’s also a fact of life that exclusives will help bring you those. Deal with it.

    Take off your rose-coloured glasses, and look at the world as it really is, instead of calling us whores and selfish.


    Thread closed. I don’t want to hear any more of your tripe.