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Kaz Hirai Interview has an interview with SCEA President, Kaz Hirai and he is understandably upbeat about the PS3 meeting it’s launch deadline.

Kaz once again says the PS3 will be around for 10 years, however this doesn’t mean we won’t see a PS4 within 5/6 years though. The PS2 has been going for over 6 years & it will still be supported for at least another year so it’s quite clear what Kaz is saying when he says “the PlayStation 3 is going to be a console that’s going to be with you again for 10 years”.

He also defends the decision to include a BD drive in every PS3 arguing that the extra storage space will prove vital in the long term for the best gaming experience.

I have to agree with him. Resistance is already using more than 20GB with a rumoured end usage of 30GB+, and people may argue that it isn’t being compressed or the extra space is being taken up by needless extra content, but we will soon see more & more games using the extra space that BD offers & long term, it is an advantage over what the 360 or Wii can offer.

Kaz Hirai Interview