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Resistance: Preview + Top Features

Gamespot just ran a new preview on Resistance with some new screenshots and footage.


Here are the top reasons why I think Resistance is going to be the best game of this season:

  • Multiplayer: Offline and online. Full Co-op through the entire single player mode. Deathmatch and team-play. Lots of highly polished and balanced play modes and maps and options. Text chat, voice chat, player ranking systems, and all the trimmings. That was the online functionality from Insomniac’s last game for the PS2, Deadlocked. With Resistance on PS3, we will see all that and a lot more.
  • Technology: Amazing graphics, detail, animation, particle effects, sound, lighting, and cutting edge physics. Lots of shooters in the past few years have done this stuff really well. For me at least, this is the stuff that needs to be there, but for a triple-A 2006 title, it is expected and it probably won’t make the game special or make it stand out among the competition.
  • NPC Allies: They’ve described “hero moments” where you will have the chance to save your teammates from dramatic deaths and they can help turn the tide of a battle. A well done NPC ally system can really help immerse the player into the game world.
  • Vehicles: Insomniac has mentioned that you will be able to commandeer vehicles but they are keeping the details under wraps. Deadlocked had four vehicles to control and they were all pretty polished; let’s hope that carries over.
  • Weapons: The Auger and the hedgehog sound very cool and there are many more that they haven’t demoed yet. Insomniac has stressed the emphasis on different weapon strategies throughout the game. Sounds good.
  • Controller: We already know you will use the motion sensitivity to shake off enemies and deliver weapon butts. I’d also hope that it is used control the vehicles and other exotic weapon attacks as well.
  • Content: Artistic flair, sound effects, level structure, pacing, script, and game balance. This is the stuff that makes or breaks a title. Insomniac has a very strong reputation in this area, and so far all press reports have been positive. Ultimately, we will have to wait to see how this really shapes up.

Battling Giant Spider

GameSpot Resistance Preview