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Brief PS3 news updates

Whilst the premium PS3 will come with a HDMI port, Sony has now made it clear on their official website that owners should not expect the cable to come in the box. Whilst I feel this is a mistake considering how much Sony has presented HDMI as the superior connection between PS3 and TVs it is worth remembering that these cables can be fairly expensive.
Sony’s official US PS3 site, check the small print under sections 2 and 6.

Following on from Gary’s news earlier this week the first shots of the PS3 version of Fight Night Round 3 have emerged in an IGN interview. The shots themselves suggest a mild graphical improvement over the xbox360 version with the characters appearing more sweaty and veiny than before. Interestingly there is talk of inputing a tilt control system for the PS3’s controller, which suggests a true “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” mantra between the player and his character may be possible (especially with the greater focus on the first person side of the boxing).
IGN Interview and screenshots

Also from IGN is an analysis of an interview with Japan’s financial publication Nikkei BP from Izumi Kawanishi the head of platform development at SCE. The focus of the discussion is mainly focused on bringing PSone games to the PSP. The article implies users can download via PSP directly, PC or PS3. Interestingly this is not the first time Sony has approached E-Distribution, with some PS2 titles getting distributed to networked hard drives in Japan, something which bodes well for the PS3’s e-distribution scheme. He also goes on to suggest that the file size for PSP games will be no larger than 600mb and in most cases only 400-500mb making Memory Stick size and download speeds slightly less of an issue.

He then discusses Sony intention to use the PSP as a remote screen for the PS3 in a similar style to Sony’s own Location Free Player. Whilst games are not covered IGN speculates that slower games may even be playable remotely (faster games been restricted by bandwidth issues). Interesting stuff eh?
PSP to Become Virtual PS3?