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John Woo’s Stranglehold Trailer

Below is a short but very sweet trailer for Stranglehold, which is basically Hard Boiled: The Game.

Looks like it could be a lot of fun with some hectic gun battles & non stop action featuring some Tequila Time! If I didn’t know better I’d think John Woo was involved in this game… 😉

For those of you who need a reason to blast people full of holes here is why Inspector Tequila is so angry:

Two Triad gangs are at war threatening to rip apart Hong Kong, if that wasn’t enough to worry about his daughter is also kidnapped.

Searching for his daughter leads Tequila from Hong Kong to Chicago then back to Hong Kong again (he probably wanted to boost his frequent flyer miles).

Quite a simple story then not too taxing on the brain.

It actually looks quite decent with some nice action going on but I’m a little bored of bullet time or Tequila Time as it’s known in Stranglehold. I guess I’ll have to play a demo of it before I can say whether it’s an improvement on games like Max Payne.

It’s due for release Q1 2007.

You can download a much better quality HD trailer from