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PSP a Virtual PS3?

I have a PS2. I have a PSP. Later this year I fully intend to have a PS3. Sony is making a lot of effort to integrate the PSP and the PS3. IGN has an article about that and other things, and here’s part of what they had to say:

“It’s possible to have distribution of video imagery from the PS3 to PSP,” said Kawanishi. “In other words, images that are rendered on the PS3 will be sent to the PSP via wireless LAN. If the PS3 is something like a home server that’s placed in the center of your home, the PSP is an information terminal that you carry with you.”

I keep hearing that the PS3 and the PSP will have forms of integration. But every time I hear an example I think “nya”. Like using the PSP as a rear-view mirror when playing an F1 game. Or the above, which says what? That you can watch a movie stored on the PS3 on your PSP? Why would I want to do that? Is this a solution in search of a problem? Ideas?

PSP to Become Virtual PS3?


  1. I like that feature…

    I mean, you lie in your bed and dont want to switch on your tv (energy costs and all that stuff) and you pick up your PSP and play there. Or you’re on vacation and want to play something you dont have right here (if you have enough upload rate that is…)…

    There maybe some quite nice things to do…

  2. Martin Hansen

    You may want to watch a movie in another room or in the garden. I want to. Let’s say you watch a movie and get a little tired, just pick up your PSP and finish it in your bed.

    Over the internet, games would probably not work correct due to lag, but you could watch a movie or listen to music. I for one would like that feature. The PSP already is compatible with Sonys Locationfree TV. PS3 will also be able to encode a movie to a more suitable format on-the-fly, to be streamed to PSP.