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New Genji info

Giant Crabs causing MASSIVE DAMAGE!

Now that I have your attention… the developer responsible for Genji: Days Of The Blade and the infamous phrase above has given an interview to Game Informer Online. Here’s a brief summary of what was said:
* He isn’t too bothered about the whole giant crabs thing- They’ve taking the internet’s knockings with a pinch of salt and believe that “any press is good press.” And to an extent they’re right. People are interested to see how this game will turn out.

*Giant crabs actually exist in Japan (even if they are nowhere near the size of the ones in the game :wink:) and they are a part of Japanese heritage- imbued with the spirits of dead Heike warriors killed in a battle you go on to play in the game.

*Everyone of the characters in the game is based on a real warrior who had fought in the battles portrayed in the game. The story is of the movement of Japan from an Aristocratic to Feudal (ie. Shogun-based) society. Obviously, as you’ll have guessed from the giant crabs the stories are partly based on legend too.

*The game covers a lot of mainland Japan and as a result features really varied environments and the seasons gradually shift too.

*Expect a dynamic camera, nothing quite as fixed as what was demonstrated at E3, something a lot more fluid.

*Each of the playable characters has different attacks, weapons and combos, as you’d expect some do wider ranging damage, but can be penalised by not been so good at defence.

*To make the game more palatable for a wider audience they seem to be toning down the violence a bit, so don’t expect to cut people in half, which kind of makes sense for a launch title. In a similar vein they have also added English dubbing, whereas the PS2 Genji was subtitled.

*Whilst there will be 80-100 people on screen at one moment you can only fight between 20 and 30 at one time.

*Unlike Dynasty Warriors and Nintey Nine Nights the game’s characters are not superhuman-esque and do have their limits. You can’t run around killing hundreds of people at one time.

*As he works on the Killzone: Liberation (PSP) and Heavenly Sword teams (jeez somebody is busy!), when asks he hints at new info on Heavenly Sword coming from TGS and info on Killzone PS3 appearing sometime after the release of the PSP title (so as not to draw attention away from it).

Game Informer Online