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PS3 Link Love 7thSep06

A new video for Call of Duty 3 has appeared alongside some fresh PS3 images. The video, presumably from the xbox360 version of the game (it was advertised in that sector of the site), gives a much more traditional view of the war in Europe- wet and rainy! 😉 The game features some typically intense battle sequences, although it does not appear to be a huge advance from Call of Duty 2 last year (by no means a bad thing). Some of the effects, specifically the explosions and sniper scope, look stunning, and the environments seem hugely immersive too. Call of Duty 3 video Call of Duty 3 screenshots

Higher resolution pictures of Ridge Racer 7 have been released to the media today, the game seems to have stunning environments, although it looks like they’ll need to polish them up a bit for launch as they don’t appear to be that clean as of yet. There will be more of this title in Tokyo in just two weeks time! Ridge Racer 7 pictures

More news from IGN- Lair will be another title to support tilt controls when flying your dragon. To be honest I would have been surprised had it not, they also indicate that, similarly to Warhawk you will be able to dismount your dragon and join epic battles on the ground. Lair

More interestingly, and not from IGN (whew), the latest edition of OPM features a very brief segment on Burnout 5. The team also intends to use tilt functionality particularly for rolling and flipping your car during crash mode, but is also considering other uses not announced as yet.