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Sony Emphasizes 60GB Media PS3

PS3So how many media-oriented 60GB PS3’s will Sony make available versus the more gamer-oriented 20GB PS3? We’ve been wondering that ever since Sony disappointingly announced that there would be two SKU’s for the PS3. Well, Sony has been doing some talking, and you don’t need to be able to read between the lines to figure this one out. They say that they will be selling PS3’s in a 80%/20% split for the 60GB/20GB configurations. To be frank, I’m surprised. I thought that they would have a lot more of the 20GB PS3’s. With such a lobsided split, why bother with the 20GB SKU at all?

But that’s not all! They said that they would ship 400,000 units to North America for launch. Not new. Sony also said that they would air-freight an additional 800,000 units through the end of December, for a total of 1.2 million by the end of 2006. They will also ship a similar number to Japan, making up for the launch disparity somewhat.

And more! “…video, audio, and text chat, gamer rankings, as well as limited content downloads such as casual games and game updates,” but that additional planned services like internet browsing and fully-downloadable console games were not expected due to “storage and bandwidth constraints.”

One last thing. Sony will fully unveil their online service, including the “leveraging of Sony’s music and video divisions within the network application,” at the Tokyo Games Show starting September 22nd.


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