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Devil May Cry 4 Website Update

Ahhh that music……

In case you haven’t checked the DMC4 website since it went live last Friday, it has been updated with some new screenshots & info.

Firstly if you’ve never played a DMC game before you may like to check out the What’s Devil May Cry section on the bottom of the main page. If you click the Stylish icons you will find some pics of the first three DMC games and there is also a brief history (in Japanese) of each game if you click the name of each title. There is no DMC2 and there never will be a DMC2!!!!!

In the Dante section there are two new images of Dante, one of him standing confidently with his sword on his shoulder & the other has him firing Ebony & Ivory with a little smirk on his face. You’d think Dante enjoyed kicking demon ass!!

Click for full size

There are also two concept arts of Dante which look superb! The creatures in the left hand side image look new to the series. It looks as if you can take the battles to the rooftops aswell which would be awsome!

In the Nero part of the site there are 2 new in-game screens of Nero kicking some puppet ass, plus a new concept art of the ‘lead character’ of DMC4.

Click for full size

Finally if you click the image of the open book you will find a pic of a fantastic looking section of DMC4 that may be playable at TGS & some Japanese text that I can’t understand. Not surprising really, as I can’t speak Japanese.

TGS ’06 kicks off next Friday so I’ll be trembling with excitement when the first playable footage of DMC4 is finally revealed!!

DMC4 Website Updated