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Wii Not Strictly Gamer’s Machine

Did anybody notice anything about Nintendo’s Wii price, features, and availability announcement? If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, good. (It’s always good to think like me! 🙂 ) But if not, I’ll give you some hints. Wii Channels. The Mii Channel. News and weather channels. “Appealing to current gamers as well as broadening the market.”

Ringing any bells?

Wasn’t it just half a year ago that Nintendo claimed that Sony was moving away from gaming by doing all sorts of crazy media stuff like movies and more. Nintendo isn’t abandoning the gamer! Nintendo is the last bastion for the real gamer! Nintendo cares about games only, nothing else! Nintendo won’t be distracted from giving you what you want: games! Okay, okay. So Nintendo didn’t actually say those things word for word. But whatever words they actually used, they certainly meant that.

Whatever happened to that?

I find it interesting that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are all trying to do the same thing: branch out from games into other markets with their consoles. But as far as I remember, Sony and Microsoft didn’t say that they wouldn’t do that this generation, then turn around and do it after all. Only Nintendo did that.

I don’t hear anyone complaining that Nintendo broke their promise.

Not that I care. If they want to expand the market, fine. They can change their mind. Or maybe they just didn’t want to tip their hand too early. But I know, just know, that if Sony had done the same thing that the haters would come out of the shrubs and pounced on Sony like hyenas on a wounded zebra.

Either way, I hope Nintendo does well. We need strong competitors all around to improve our gaming experiences. I hope someone I know buys a Wii so that I can try it out. And according to all the gossip I read, everyone and their momma’s hairdresser is going to buy a Wii, so a friend with a Wii shouldn’t be hard to find.