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Devil May Cry 4 Story Revelations has a couple of new (I think) images of Devil May Cry 4 and it also reveals (sort of) some of the story. I’ve used Babelfish to translate the text but it’s still not clear what the story is about but I’ll share with you all what I think is going on.

Man I’m firsty...

OK. The game is set in the coastal fort city Fortuna with a group known as the “demon sword teaching group” who seem to worship The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. This is where it gets complicated. 😐

The group (possibly a cult) or Nero seems to be in a state of chaos and/or corruption with Nero, who is a bit of a loner, eventually being given the task to resurrect Sparda but he doesn’t seem to have any Devil Powers like Dante or Vergil so is given the Devil Bringer abilities which he uses with his right arm.

Nero in action

Dante, or someone that looks just like him, turns up & starts slaughtering members of the “demon sword teaching group”. If that is Dante what are his intentions? Is he opposed to Sparda’s resurrection? Whatever the scenario it seems that you, playing as Nero, will do battle with Dante at certain points of the game as Nero is under the control of the “demon sword teaching group”.

My head hurts!!

I’m guessing that the group wants to bring Sparda back to life but to control him giving them ultimate power to rule both the demon underworld & the world we humans inhabit. Nero is already under their control to a certain extent & he is giving the task to resurrect Sparda but Dante turns up to stop them from manipulating his father.

Eventually Dante ‘frees’ Nero from under the control of the cult and they both end up fighting on the same side trying to prevent Sparda from falling into the hands of the cult.

Maybe. 😀

Thanks to Dav for helping me maintain my obsession with DMC!

DMC4 Story Revealed