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PS3 Link Love - 18sep06

First off, the PS3 has been submitted to the FCC for approval and… passed! Whew! According to the labels, the PS3 has already started manufacturing. That contradicts what I’ve heard elsewhere, but who knows? You’d be in big trouble if you lied to the FCC, right? Or maybe the “manufacturing” was just the manufacturing of a few samples, like those SEGA used.

Sony Officially Submits the PS3 for FCC Approval

Now that the PS3 has gone into production (or not), I have to wonder how good these machines are? IGN said that they’re getting a failure rate of “well past” 50% with their Xbox 360’s, which is quite terrible. Hopefully the PS3 won’t go that route!

Only Sailors Get Blown Offshore – Another 360 Bites the Dust

If you live in Hawaii, you can trade in some of your gaming gear and/or games as down-payment for a PS3. That’s handy if you have what they want. And by “they” I mean GameStop. Oh yeah – this offer is also extended to those in Guam. It’s a test-run to see how well it works out.

Reserve a Wii Or PS3 at Gamestop Through Trade-Ins Only

Gaming Horizon has a mildly interesting point counter-point session about the PS3. There seems to be a lot of “point”, but not so much “counter-point”. These folks all seem to be PS3 fans. Nothing wrong with that, mind-you! I’m one myself. But for an article to be point counter-point, I expected a little more banter. They discuss some often used criticisms against the PS3. For example, “The PlayStation 3 costs too much!!!” and “No “shock” in my Dual Shock. Is cheesy tilt-sensing worth the loss of force-feedback?”

Point Counter-Counterpoint: PS3 Editorial

Lastly, if you’re going to buy yourself an HDMI cable for use with your new $600 PS3, don’t think that you have to go crazy and spend a hundred bucks. I bought a very sturdy one from MonoPrice, and it was pretty cheap. Like this one for $6.37. HDMI cables