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Using PSP with PS3 Jr?

A reader sent in this question (thanks Bryan):

And I have been wondering something for some time now and wonder if you might know anything about it: If the lower level PS3 does not in fact include Wi-fi standard, how would it connect to a PSP to use the “remote gaming functions” that Sony stipulated would be a part of the PS3’s design? I thought that at first a USB cable might be needed but surely that would defeat the ‘forward looking” attitude Sony has about the PS3. Streaming video or information over a LAN for that matter may be a possibility, however again I thought it was stated that the PS3 would have a direct connection to the PSP.

He did some research and the best he could find was from Sony. See question number 9. They basically say that USB or Memory Stick are the two methods of interaction, but that developers can do more. (Like the rear-view mirror for F1 ’06.) To me, this says that it’s the developer’s choice to use WiFi if they wish, but Sony is only supporting USB and Memory Stick. I don’t think that the rear-view mirror kind of thing will be possible without WiFi.


  1. Xjavina

    USB Wifi Adaptor

  2. matt

    The idea of using the PSP with the PS3 is a very promising idea. The problem is that outside of Sony titles, developers may not be willing to take advantage of the idea. The money that would need to be invested to reach a small portion of the gaming community doesn’t make a whole lot of business sense.

    For Sony the payoff could be huge. This could really help them sell the PSP. We all know that the PS3 is going to sell well and if they can add 5-10 million more PSP sales (because of the added PS3 features) Sony wins.

    Every console has some features that look promising and hopefully Sony can make this feature work.

  3. Ahmad Dawood

    SONY had told before that the 20 GB Version could be upgraded to be on bar with the 60 GB version via Add-on(s) attached to the USB ports. This qoute was by Phill Harisson himself and he mentioned the Wi-Fi functionality in specific — but really i dont have a URL for this but I think that it was on gamesindustryDOTbiz