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Gran Turismo HD WILL be released

Some of you might be quite disappointed by that news… Where is Gran Turismo 5? The answer to that question is basically don’t expect it until 2008. However, the release of Gran Turismo HD is not all bad news. The game is thankfully not a simple revision of the Gran Turismo 4 that was released on PS2 last year and includes some new features.

The core of the game is Gran Turismo HD Classic. To all intents and purposes this is Gran Turismo 4 simply upgraded into High Definition, but there is one chnage though which may take some time to establish fully. You start the game with NO cars or tracks. These can instead be bought and downloaded via the web for (depending on the car) around $0.43 – $0.85 (25p-50p) or (depending on the course $1.71 – $4.26 (£1-£2.50). Interesting approach! Not all the cars will be available from day one (lets hope this is refelected a slightly cheaper on the shelf price!).

Then the second part of the game Gran Turismo HD Premium acts in a similar way to GT: Prologue. This is a completely PS3 designed game inteneded to give players a hint of what to expect from GT5. It features 30 cars and two tracks (one of which is brand new), changeable weather (:D) and another 30 cars and two more downloadable tracks.

Both modes are expected to contain online elements which had been tested in a beta version of Gran Turismo 4 Online on PS2 where modes included Quick Race, Tuned Race, Private Race and Time Attack although other modes are expected to be announced.

The title is due in Japan in December which hints at a US release in late December or after Christmas and a European release around launch!