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Guitar Hero Goes Multiformat

Every play Guitar Hero on the PS2? What? You haven’t? Then stop reading this (yes, I told you to stop reading this site that I put all my sweat and tears into), and go buy a copy and play it! It’s a great great game. Lots of fun and lots of fun. Did I mention that it was fun? Guitar Hero II is coming out at the beginning of November and that just makes November a smash hit month for me.

And guess what else? Guitar Hero is probably coming to the PS3! Listen to this: “Kotick confirmed that Guitar Hero would appear ‘on every significant new format’, while discussing intentions for yearly updates and building franchises across a number of key Activision titles.” I would call the PS3 significant, wouldn’t you?

I just hope for two things in the PS3 version. One, that we can still somehow use the Guitar Peripheral from the PS2 version (using a dongle or something). And two, that they could increase the number of players so that we can play the whole rock band! Like in Frequency and Amplitude (the developer’s previous games).

When my friends and I get together to play PS2 games, Guitar Hero or Frequency is always played. The games are just too fun! If you haven’t played them, go to it! Frequency is available in the bargain bin these days, and man, it’s really quite a bargain! Oh and please – don’t forget to play multiplayer!

Guitar Hero goes multiformat