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White Knight Story Gameplay Video

Level 5 famed for the Dragon Quest series of RPGs, have started work on a truly epic RPG known as White Knight Story (not the official name just a translation). Level 5 President Akihiro Hino is overseeing the project and below you can see a video of this unique style of RPG in action.

You play the role of a young boy who gains possession of an ancient artifact that gives him the ability to transform into a giant White Knight who measures in at 7-metres tall.

The enemies you face will also be larger than a giant Hobbit who has been force fed growth hormones, with a rival Black Knight & other giant creatures. Think Shadow of the Colossus but maybe bigger.

For those sizeist gamers out there, don’t fret as ‘standard size’ characters will be present to go along with the boy you control. You will have a knife wielding female & an elderly knight in your party. There is also an ant sized species that uses tiny aircraft for transportation 😐 and who sells the energy that the giant creatures leave behind.

As you can see in the above video, there are no turn based battles & your equipment and abilities that you use in battle will be set up prior to you going into battle using the “Battle Preparation” menu. Each member of your party can be equipped with a “function palette” made up of various abilities and techniques, which can hold up to 7 different abilities so choose wisely.

You can switch between each member of your party during battle with the circle button executing the currently equipped “function palette”.

You can transform into the White Knight once you have filled up you’re White Knight meter by attacking enemies during battles.

Sounds impressive and the video is fantastic despite only being around 35% complete.

This is definitley one to keep an eye out for.