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Rumor Patrol

I’ve seen a few rumors running the rounds that I’d like to debunk:

  • 360 version of Assassin’s Creed has better AI than the PS3 version

Nonsense. If this were actually true, I would suspect someone, somewhere would be able to cite an actual Ubisoft rep saying something like this. But they don’t. I can’t find anyone from Ubisoft saying anything remotely close to this. I watched the whole Assassin’s Creed video clip from X06 and didn’t hear anything like this either.

  • Sega confirms no online play for PS3 Virtua Tennis

The actual quote they cite from a Sega rep is, “Virtua Tennis 3 PS3 does not have an online mode confirmed at this time,”. There’s a big difference between saying that online isn’t confirmed at this time vs. confirming that there will definitely not be an online. Basically, it’s up in the air, and they aren’t saying (and possibly they just aren’t sure themselves) whether online will be present or not.

  • GTA4 will only offer their downloadable episodes on the 360

Rockstar never said this. There will be GTA4 downloadable episodes exclusively for the 360. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be other downloadable episodes or other exclusive content for the PS3 or the PC. Rockstar creative VP Dan Houser has been a strong proponent of next gen consoles supporting more storage than regular DVD, so this is a real possibility.

These are just some rumors that caught my attention in the past two days. Normally, I try to ignore this stuff, but sometimes you have to ask? Why are there so many of these completely unfounded rumors blasting Sony, Blu-Ray, and PS3? Whey don’t we see similar rumors blasting other platforms? Why is the media so one-sided on this issue?

The PS3 seems to be exactly what I want, the games seem to be lining up perfectly, and PS3 demo kiosks are rumored to hit Best Buy stores on October 20. I’m really excited about all of this. But sometimes the raw intensity and frequency of these rumors, even if they are wildly unfounded, can really dampen the PS3 excitement.

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