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Question Time with PS3Blog pt 1

I’d thought it would be fun if we answered a few questions from some of our falsified readers so that you got to know what’s important to us about the PS3 and what we really want from it:

Amanda Hugankiss asked: Which PS3 would you buy if it was launched tomorrow?

Gary: I’d have to go for the 20GB PS3 now that it has HDMI. The only major thing missing from the 60GB version is the lack of Wi Fi but that isn’t exactly a necessity. The smaller hdd isn’t a concern for me either as I’m not into downloading so it will be used mainly for game saves & to store some of my songs to play in compatible games.

Henning: I’d like the 60GB PlayStation 3 for two of its features. The 60GB HDD would come in handy because I plan to download lots of game demos and movie trailers and other free stuff. (Note the word “free”.) I also like the memory card reader because I have several other electronics devices that use memory cards, so I’d like to swap things about.

Tom: I’ve changed to a 20GB version having previously wanted a 60GB. I had been tempted by the 20GB before, but the lack of HDMI was a bit of a deal breaker considering I would like my PS3 to be slightly future-proofed Blu-ray movie wise for the notoriously indecisive Hollywood studios. I am a bit disappointed Wi-Fi is not built in, but so long as its easy to upgrade to wifi via any USB adaptor (which Sony says it is); I have no other issues. I’ve got a 250GB external USB HDD already so storage is not a problem, and card readers are something I cannot see as important, but again if it was upgrading should allegedly be easy.

Ivana Tinkle wants to know how we’ll be connecting up our systems?

Henning: Well, I’ll probably be connecting the PS3 to my 57″ HDTV through a component video connection. Once I get a receiver that can switch HDMI, I’ll connect my PS3 to that via HDMI, then from there to my TV via DVI.

Gary: My PS3 will be connected to my 32″ SDTV through component. It will be a long time before I’ll be able to afford a HDTV. 🙁

Tom: Oh dear… This is where it gets a bit embarrassing… I’m heading to the HD gaming age with… a 14inch SDTV with RGB SCART! My intention is to upgrade eventually, but right now I’ll be happy with the new games. Luckily (ahem) I have until March to start saving enough to get some form of HDTV though! 😉

Gary: I couldn’t survive on a TV that small. 😐 I can’t go smaller than 32″.

Al Kaholic would like to know: Which confirmed/unconfirmed launch games, or games released by the end of December, would you get to go with your new PS3?

Gary: Resistance: Fall of Man & Tony Hawk’s Project 8 would be guaranteed for me. F1 Championship would be a tempting December purchase and maybe MotorStorm. Of course in reality I have to wait until March which will mean a much greater selection of titles for me to choose from. 😀

Henning: Resistance: Fall of Man, Call of Duty 3, F1 Championship, MotorStorm, Need For Speed Carbon, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, maybe Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. (What’s with all these games with a colon in their name?)

Tom: I’d be looking at Resistance, F1, Motorstorm, GTHD, Ridge Racer 7 (as you can clearly see I hate racing titles :D) and maybe Oblivion or Fight Night to see what I missed on the 360 in the past year.

Oliver Clothesoff had this question: What is the most you’re willing to pay for PS3 games?

Gary: £40 is the limit for me, and that’s only for must have titles like DMC4, Assassin’s Creed & Heavenly Sword etc. Other games that I may be interested in will have to be ignored until I find them in sales or pre-owned at a lower price.

Henning: I’ll probably be buying most of mine used. Even current-gen games are a bit on the expensive side. That said, launch is a special time and I’ll probably be buying several games new. So at launch it doesn’t really matter to me if the games are $60 or $70. I’d buy fewer launch titles, though, if it was more.

Tom: At first… well I will not have much choice- $60/£50 probably, but later into the PS3’s lifespan I’ll be looking at the cheaper sleeper hits and the platinum’s/best ofs. I’ll restrict myself to only giving the retailer full price for games like MGS4, GTA4 and other big hitters.

I’m still shocked at how small Tom’s TV is!

I will publish the 2nd batch of questions next week.

Feel free to answer the above questions with your own answers but we also want you to send us any questions you would like us to answer.

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We will make it a regular weekly feature if we get enough questions & enough positive feedback.