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PS3 accessories revealed

Sony has revealled some more info on the accessories the PS3 will have. The controller is now officially named SIXAXIS and comes a built in lithium-ion battery (Nintendo and Microsoft have gone down the route of replaceable/recharable AA batteries). Battery life is rated at 30 hours. The console still supports seven wireless controllers via bluetooth, with no need for a multi-tap. You can play and charge through the USB cable. It should be priced near to $45.

Memory card
The PS1/PS2 memory card adaptor will also be available at launch. The price should be around $15. The device is connected via USB and can be used to transfer PS1 and PS2 saves to and from the memory card to the HDD.

The remote control is specifically designed for Blu-ray and DVD movie playback. It, unlike the PS2 remote, ties in with Sony’s usual remote stylings, but it is important to note it only works through bluetooth. The price should be around $35. The remote is not due for release until 7 December in Japan, so North America may be in for a bit of a wait.

Note: Since this a Japanese announcement none of the US prices are yet confirmed- the geusses here are speculation on my part based on exchange rates and typical prices.

Sony Japan (link is in Japanese)