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Question Time with PS3Blog pt 2

Here is the 2nd part of “Question Time with PS3Blog” (you can read part one here) where we answer questions from some of our fictional readers:

Oliver Clothesoff had this question: What is the most you’re willing to pay for PS3 games?

Gary: £40 is the limit for me, and that’s only for must have titles like DMC4, Assassin’s Creed & Heavenly Sword etc. Other games that I may be interested in will have to be ignored until I find them in sales or pre-owned at a lower price.

Henning: I’ll probably be buying most of mine used. Even current-gen games are a bit on the expensive side. That said, launch is a special time and I’ll probably be buying several games new. So at launch it doesn’t really matter to me if the games are $60 or $70. I’d buy fewer launch titles, though, if it was more.

Tom: At first… well I will not have much choice- $60/£50 probably, but later into the PS3’s lifespan I’ll be looking at the cheaper sleeper hits and the platinum’s/best ofs. I’ll restrict myself to only giving the retailer full price for games like MGS4, GTA4 and other big hitters.

Darrin: I will be disappointed if I have to pay more than $65. I will pay more but I would buy less titles.

Seymour Butz asked: Is online gaming important to you on the PS3?

Gary: Right now no it’s not. I may be interested in challenging Henning, Tom, Darrin & our readers to some online gaming craziness but it’s way down my priority list at the moment. Of course it doesn’t help that Sony has released very little info about it’s online network.

Henning: I know that lots of people love Xbox Live, and go on about how great it is. But right now online isn’t important to me. That said, I’m definitely going to try it out anyway (it’s free!). I’d like to see if it’s something I want to add to my gaming experience.

Tom: Online was not that important to me, but visiting forums I can see how much it means to some people, and I want to give it a go. I’m waiting patiently to see what else Sony says about its network plans though until I decide on PS3 online. If it is really easy, like XBL, I’m sold. If it is at all complicated, like PS2 online, then I could run into some issues.

Darrin: Online multiplayer isn’t a big deal. Both PS2 and PC have pretty solid online multiplayer functionality already and I tend to prefer single player games. I am interested in getting more digitally distributed content including community developed content and game add-ons. Right now, those features are completely over-hyped and are way more talk than anything else, but I think they will be worth having this generation.

Hugh Jass had this question: If you could choose between rumble & the tilt sensor control which would you choose?

Gary: That’s tough because I haven’t tried out the tilt controls yet but rumble was sometimes a nuisance for me & I did turn it off on a few games over the past couple of years. I believe developers can create more interactive experiences with the tilt more-so than with rumble. Yeah rumble is great for driving games but it’s not a big deal it isn’t present in the PS3 pad. For me anyway.

Henning: Easy for me: tilt. Rumble is cool and all, but it doesn’t really change how you play. (At least not in the games I’ve played.) Tilt has the potential to really add to the game experience, especially if used correctly. (Well, that’s my opinion now, before even having tried it. We’ll have to see.)

Tom: Tricky. I really, really like rumble and I think it would add a lot to games like Motorstorm… but its becoming apparent that tilt is getting used by developers properly rather than as a gimmick. Argh. I can’t decide… probably rumble as a driving gamer. I think we can get both though. In reality we know the tilt decision is probably not as cut and dried as Sony has told us and that it is more down to the lawsuit with Immersion… rumour has it many devs are building rumble into their games anyway to support any third party solutions to the (ahem) ‘problem’.

Darrin: I love rumble and will miss it, but I’d pick the tilt/motion sensing. I can’t wait to see all the novel ways it is used.

Finally, Bea O’Problem had this intriguing question: Which Xbox 360 or Wii exclusive (permanent) would you like to see on PS3?

Gary: Hmm….from the 360 it would probably be Gears of War. It looks great and Henning would probably like the co-op themed gameplay aswell. 😉

From the Wii I’d probably go for either Super Mario Galaxy or Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Henning: Before I actually played PGR3, I would have said Project Gotham Racing. But PGR3 was such a big disappointment for me, I have to choose another title instead! (In case you’re wondering, I didn’t like the lack of 4 player support, the GUI was TERRIBLE, and the paucity of tracks was very disappointing.) Hmm… GoW looks cool, but I’m not sure I would like a game with so much gore. Geometry Wars?

As for the Wii, nothing I’ve seen yet interests me.

Tom: From the 360: Halo 3, Banjo-Kazooie and solely based on what I’ve seen from X06 Alan Wake. Not a Gears of War fan, nor PGR3 (although I think it looks great). From the Wii: Errr… Super Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros. and Zelda… but it is trickier as the Wii is likely to have a great number of concept games which PS3 will not be able to pull off! Looking through the titles very few of them jump out at me and scream out brilliance. I would also like to see an F-Zero, but no Wii version has been announced yet anyway.

Darrin: The previews for Crackdown look pretty cool. Mass Effect also looks cool, but there’s not enough time to enjoy the RPGs available. I’d like to really try the Wii controller but there isn’t any particular title that sticks out. The only announced content that I really want to see on the PS3 that isn’t already planned is the GTA4 exclusive content.

Feel free to join in the fun and add your answers to the above questions and if any of our real readers have any questions for us, you can send them to us via our Contact page. 😀