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Does Sony need a Major Nelson?

What do you guys think?

I mentioned this in an earlier post and there are definitely reasons for and against this.

Sony could really use an online personality that provides frequent interaction with the online community. A lot of the negative attitude among the online gaming community towards Sony is because Sony seems very distant and provides very infrequent communication. They go “radio silent” (as Phil Harrison said) very frequently for long periods of time. This frustrates a lot of bloggers and even a lot of the gaming press.

On the other hand, this is about games, hardware, and technology. Ultimately, who cares about keynote speeches and the personalities of corporate executives? As consumers, we want the best entertainment and technology platform, and that’s really all that matters.

It’s also kind of nice to see a company go “radio silent” and focus on building the actual products rather than bombarding us with PR.

Also, as outraged as many bloggers and press are at Sony, most of the buying public doesn’t care. They don’t read the online debates and the rumors and the flame wars. They will make their decisions based on the products they see and couldn’t care less what some hyper-opinionated bloggers have to say.

Ultimately, I think having the right online representative would be a positive move for Sony. It’s not the most important issue that they face and they definitely need to keep their main focus on the products themselves, but having a good online representative would be a very beneficial move.