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5 Reasons to Buy a PS3

If you’ve been following my “list of 5” posts (which started with connecting your PS3 and continued with 5 PS3 must-have games), you’ve probably been waiting for this one. Yup, it the obligatory post discussing why you should buy a PS3! So without further ado, here it goes.

  1. The Games
    If you saw this list coming, then you definitely knew what would be first on the list. Every console caters to a kind of gamer with its games. Previous-gen, I loved games like Champions of Norrath, Frequency, Amplitude, F1 Championship, Guitar Hero, Ratchet & Clank, Baldur’s Gate, and more. I was so glad to be a PS2 owner, because that’s where those games were. If you liked other styles of games, then maybe a different platform suited you better. Looking at the list of games coming out on the PS3, I think I made the right choice to stick with Sony. I’m talking about games like those mentioned in yesterday’s 5 Must-Have PS3 Titles. (Yeah, not all of them are exclusives, but they’re games I want that are available on the PS3. Which is the point.) But there are more, like Heavenly Sword, Untold Legends, Lair, Call of Duty 3, Ridge Racer 7, Need for Speed Carbon, White Night Story, and more. Lots of those are PS3 exclusive. I can’t think of a single game available elsewhere that I’ll really miss because I’m getting a PS3. I just hope that Snowblind decides to make a sequel to Champions of Norrath! (Hint hint.)
  2. BD Drive
    Those who dismiss the Blu-ray Disc (BD) drive in the PS3 as something that just jacks up the price are missing the point entirely. The BD drive will give developers more elbow room to strut their stuff. Just take a look at Resistance: Fall of Man. 20GB of compressed data. This is going to be one big game! Add to that the ability to play HD movies, and the BD drive looks like a home run before the game even starts.
  3. Built-In HDD
    Microsoft did exactly the correct thing with the original Xbox by including a HDD as standard equipment. Developers could count on it being there for sure and therefore developed content for it. Now with this generation, the shoe’s on the other foot, with a HDD in every PlayStation 3 console.
  4. HDMI and 1080p
    I lumped these together because they both represent the future-proofing that Sony is trying to achieve with the PS3. HDMI is becoming more popular by the day, with virtually every new HDTV giving it support. 1080p while not a big deal yet is cresting the popularity horizon, and even its naysayers (*cough* Microsoft *cough*) are getting in on the act.
  5. Standards Compliance
    What the? I bet you didn’t see this one coming. But I think it’s great that Sony decided to ditch their proprietary ways and use some existing standards for once. What does the PS3 use for its wireless controllers? BlueTooth. They could have done something proprietary, but then you would have been locked in to using Sony’s peripherals. With BlueTooth, you should be able to use lots of non-Sony BlueTooth peripherals (like headsets) with the PS3. Charging cable? USB. Why go proprietary? Did you wreck your cable? Just get another one virtually anywhere! No need to get a Sony one. Memory cards? Again, not proprietary. You don’t have to use MemoryStick, you can also use CompactFlash or SD. Cool, huh? It’s almost like Sony asked themselves what people would really want, and then did it.

Agree? Disagree? Feel free to add your comments, and your own reasons as well.