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PS3 Pre-Orders Sell Out. Launch Mania in Full Swing!

All Gamestop stores sold out shortly after accepting PS3 pre-orders in North America. Everyone has been expecting a sell out on launch day, especially with only 400K units, so this isn’t surprising at all. But this does serve as a reminder that launch mania is finally in full swing. It is now exactly one month to the Japan launch and slightly more to the North American launch.

Personally, I have no expectations of getting a PS3 in November. As much as I want the PS3 and as great as I think it will be, I just don’t mind waiting two months or so to get mine.

What is exciting in the near term is that we should see PS3 demo kiosks in North America very soon. Demo kiosks are typically seen before the system launches and there’s not much time left. I can’t wait to actually see and play a real PS3.

Congratz to our readers who managed to get a pre-order!

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