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5 Must-Have PS3 Peripherals

This week I’ve been doing a series of “list of 5” posts. It started with connecting your PS3, continued with 5 PS3 must-have games, and yesterday was 5 reasons to buy a PS3. Today I’m talking about peripherals! Yay! No really. Peripherals are your physical connection to the game, so they’re important. Here’s a list of 5 for the PS3.

  1. Extra Controller(s)
    I’m crossing my fingers that when I buy 3 extra controllers for my PS3, that there will be 4-player games to use them all with. Multiplayer is the way to go, in my mind. Already we have games like Resistance: Fall of Man with two-player co-op support, and most likely 4-player split screen (from what I can gather). But will other software developers follow suit? I remember going to play PGR3 on the Xbox 360 at my friend’s house, and two of us contemplated our navels while the other two got to play PGR3. We’d take turns of course, but PGR3 had a fun quotient of, like, six out of ten compared to PGR2’s nine. Hear that developers? We want our four-player support!
  2. Remote Control
    You’re getting a brand-spanking new BD player in that PS3 of yours! So don’t bother using a joystick to control a movie player, use a remote! It’s actually a BlueTooth remote, which is cool for those without line of sight, but I kinda wish it was infrared so that I could program my other remote with the codes. Ah well.
  3. Memory Card Adapter
    Pretty easy to see why this is needed. Bring all those PS1 and PS2 savegames over to the PS3!
  4. EyeToy and/or USB mic
    Eye of Judgement looks like it’ll be a really cool game, but other games are sure to make use of this interesting peripheral. Like SingStar perhaps? I’m looking at SingStar to finally bring my wife into video games. Is SingStar coming to North America? Anybody?
  5. Guitar Hero Mini-Guitar
    Activision has said that it is bringing Guitar Hero to all the major next-gen platforms. I’d consider the PS3 to be major, wouldn’t you? If you don’t have a PS2, then you have to get Guitar Hero when it comes out on the PS3. But if you do have a PS2 and haven’t played Guitar Hero, what are you waiting for? Guitar Hero 2 is coming November 7th! Gotta master the first game before playing the sequel!

Did I miss anything good?