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Lights up on The Darkness

Starbreeze, developer of the highly rated xbox sleeper hit The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, have unveiled the first gameplay movie of their PS3 and xbox360 title The Darkness. The game is based on the Top Cow comic book series of the same name. You play Jackie Estacado a superhero of sorts with a power inherited down family lines- The Darkness. This allows the user to create anything they desire… even minions, but these creations disolve in the light. A challenging thing to pull off in video game.

The video implies a new kind of gameplay dynamic added to the traditional first person shooter with your character’s creations helping you and the ability to use your dark powers like tentacles to pick things up, explore distant areas and throw large items them around… impressive stuff and that is without mentioning the black holes you seem to be able to create too! The lighting is very impressive too, bringing to mind the quality of a game like FEAR. Whilst the physics and graphics look impressive, the AI is less so, but it is worth noting that this video was created for E3 2006, so the game has probably progressed drastically since this video was made. The TV at the end highlights an odd new feature whereby the player can watch… err… TV. Apparently the game will make full use of Blu-ray to give the PS3 version extra watchable TV footage.

The game is due out in the first few months of 2007.

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