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Secrets of Play B3yond revealed!


Well that didn’t take too long! Sony updated the PlayBeyond site today to now run in flash presenting the use with the above pattern… and that was it. Yet in a matter of hours forumites at psinext and ps3forums managed to crack the code and reveal hidden features. Credit for the above image goes to Voidler at psinext.

Here’s what you can enter and what is produces:
factorfive – Lair trailer
fire – Lair footage
fangs – Lair combat montage
king – Heavenly Sword wallpaper
nariko – Heavenly Sword wallpaper
andyserkis – Heavenly Sword TGS trailer
mayday – Warhawk wallpaper
dogfight – Warhawk video
machone – Warhawk music
tedprice – Resistance interview- PS3 music
chimera – Resistance wallpaper
nathanhale – Resistance interview- PS3 technology
yoshitsune- Genji 2 video
music- Genji 2 music
heishi – Genji 2 wallpaper
evolutionstudios – Motorstorm video
dust – Motorstorm wallpaper
monumentvalley – Motorstorm wallpaper

There isn’t much in there that we did not already know, (Resistance is hinted at being a 1080p title, but not confirmed) but there are new videos and images which you may be interested in. It’s basically a showcase for SCE’s titles so far, although I will keep an eye out for any updates.

Play B3yond