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GamePro picks PS3 as the next-gen Victor!

GamePro did a nice feature article comparing the three main next-gen consoles on several different categories. The winner? PS3 after months of constant negativity!

Overall, they picked the PS3, so I am happy. However, I think they under valued the PS3 on a few issues:

  • Game Library: Yes, the 360 does have some good games, but it’s a small lead over the PS3. If the PS3 actually delivers what it has announced, they actually will have a stronger holiday lineup.
  • Value: This has been talked to death. But I disagree with them claiming that the $299 sans-HDD 360 is a better value than the $500 PS3. For some customers, the price difference is more important than the feature difference, but many prefer the features.
  • Size, weight, build, and aesthetics: Wii clearly deserves this. However, the PS3 should get credit for lower heat output (I’m assuming as I haven’t actually touched one myself), quiet operation, and having all functionality in the base unit rather than having requiring add-ons.

Three other points

  • Media Format: Can’t someone run real tests on a PC to compare the transfer speeds of a 12x DVD and a 2x blu-ray drive? I’d particularly like to see how single layer discs compare to dual layer discs in linear and random read tests.
  • Online: Nebulous online support? That’s pretty pessimistic. Sure, Sony hasn’t spelled out all the details, but I’m expecting them to do a great job. I also like what I hear about giving developers and publishers more control and freedom with online systems.
  • Availability: This is one 360 advantage that they didn’t mention. The PS3 and probably the Wii will be under very constrained supply for several months at the least.

Entertaining read overall!

GamePro Next-Gen Console Score Card