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More PS3 Online Details!

I don’t have time to go in-depth about this article now, but I thought I’d put up this post because it’s something you want to see. The article goes into the PS3 online service with more depth than anything I’ve yet seen. At the same time, it leaves many questions unanswered.

For example, multiple people can create accounts on a PlayStation 3, which is expected and cool. Does this mean that when playing a local splitscreen multiplayer game, my friends can all log into the PS3 with their accounts, and their in-game preferences will be remembered? For example, if a gamer chose to be a sniper in Call of Duty 3 last time, will he still be a sniper the next time he enters the game? Will his name and appearance be remembered? Etc…

There are some details about purchasing content as well. You get a universal wallet for paying for all stuff, be it game content from Sony, for MMORPG subscriptions, or whatever. No need to give your VISA number more than once. It’ll all be centrally handled, which is cool. On top of that, Sony doesn’t hide the cost of things behind points. If you’re Canadian, you’ll see prices in Canadian dollars. Neat.

There’s a lot more – go read it and come back here with your comments!

PS3 Online: How It Works