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PS3 Link Love - 13oct06

It’s been a while since I’ve seen some analyst dudes say something about the console war, but recently some results from another analyst firm have been revealed. Interpret says that “8.9 million U.S consumers ‘are prepared’ to pay full price ($500 or $600) for the PlayStation 3 this fall, compared to 5.7 million consumers who are willing to buy Wii at $250 and just 800,000 people who are willing to pay full price for Xbox 360 ($300 to $400).”

Now, this site being what it is, you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m a big PS3 fan. But even I have trouble believing those numbers.

Research Findings Put PS3 Way Ahead

And speaking of the console wars, GamePro predicts the PS3 as the winner in the next war, and lots of Xbox 360 and Wii fanboys complain that they weren’t chosen.

Next-Gen Console Score Card Feature on

All you Americans already had your chance to do your EBGames pre-order thing, and us Canadians will get the same chance come Monday. gave their experiences about pre-ordering their PS3’s in this article.

How We Pre-ordered a PS3 news from

Supposedly Sony commissioned a huge supercomputing cluster using a bunch of PS3 machines. The interesting thing is that the PS3’s will be running Yellow Dog Linux.

Terra Soft moves past Apple with first Cell-based supercomputing cluster