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5 Reasons Not to Buy a PS3

I had too much fun doing my “PS3 list of 5” posts recently, so I’m going to add another one. Here are 5 reasons not to get a PS3. Some are half-serious, and some aren’t serious at all. I hope you know which is which! 🙂

  1. Can’t Scrounge up $100.
    When you open up your wallet to buy that next-gen console, and you’re deciding between the 20GB versions of those consoles, you’re missing 5 20-dollar bills. Ga! I hate it when that happens. Yuppers, the PS3 is $100 more expensive than the closest competitor (or $50 more in Canada). If there’s no possible way you can make up that difference as the cashier stares you down, you best give up on the PlayStation 3. Besides, Sony has no right to charge us more anyway. Sony hates us all. Each one of us. Personally. Evil corporation, trying to get us to give them our money.
  2. The Remote uses BlueTooth
    Argh! What the? Why does Sony have to go and use BlueTooth for something that is so obviously meant to be IR (Infra-red). Now I can’t program my remote with the IR codes, and Sony’s ugly little BlueTooth-a-ma-bob has to sit next to my all-in-one Marantz remote. Quite annoying.
  3. Launch Madness
    Those crazy Sony folks and their plans to sell as many PS3 consoles as they possibly can during the launch window. How dare they? And the pre-orders? They were like poof in 60 seconds. How am I supposed to avoid the big lineups now? Sure Sony will have more consoles at launch in North America than that big-name launch last year, but really – they should have had twice the number they’re planning. No – three times! Four times! Make that 10 times! 4 million units at launch isn’t too much to ask for, is it?
  4. Stop with the 1080p Already!
    I think that it’s time technology stopped progressing. 720p is plenty enough, thank-you, we don’t need no stinkin’ 1080p. So stop already. And while you’re at it, why bother with HDMI, it just adds to the cost. And BD too! Progress is highly over-rated.
  5. No Halo
    By far the best FPS ever created. And it’s not on the PlayStation 3. For shame! Might as well give up here and forget about all those other FPS’s that just might have something to offer!

So what to ya think? Anything to add?