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My Pre-Order Attempt

Today is the day for getting PS3 (and Wii) pre-orders at EBGames in Canada. We found out about this several days ago, and actually had more warning than our American counterparts. Now, I know myself well enough to know that I can’t camp out overnight and then be at all productive that day. I’m just too old – I really need some sleep! So I decided to get up really early. After all, from all the accounts I’ve read of the American pre-order, that worked pretty well.

So I got up at 4am and drove over to my local EBGames in Barrhaven (a part of Ottawa, like the other locations about to be listed). There was already a lineup of 9 people for the 8 consoles to be made available. I guess that ninth person was hoping that one of the campers wouldn’t wake up! 🙂

So then I headed over to the EBGames in Kanata, which isn’t far from where I work. But they were full too.

So then I went to Carlingwood mall, where I was sixth in line for 8 PS3 consoles. Yay! But there was a line at another entrance to the mall. Boo! But they somehow got into the mall and got kicked out by the security guard! Yay! We thought that this would increase our chances, because we were playing nice. But no, when the next security guard came on duty, he let the other group in first. (Even knowing, because the other guard told him, what trouble-makers they were.) Boo!

Well, we got in, but it was too late. A group was already in front of us and I’d have been something like fourteenth in line for the eight PS3’s available. So I went home and crawled back into bed. So I had a regular morning with my family after all. My kids were so cute, it made up for my disappointment!

Just a sidenote: there were actually 9 of us waiting for the PS3 (one guy joined us later), and three guys came and left when they learned most of us were waiting for the PS3. Two guys in our line were waiting for a Wii. One guy waiting for a Wii came and left. Though I don’t know why he left – he would have been fine. Most EBGames locations were getting 15 Wii’s and only 8 PS3’s.