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Xfire: developer relationships revealed and tournaments announced!

In an upcoming interview on, the CEO of Xfire, Mike Cassidy, has given further details as to what Xfire’s middleware credentials on PS3 mean to gamers.

PC owners already get to experience Xfire’s “Play With” tournaments, and supported PS3 games will offer this feature too enabling users to take on professional gaming clans. The aim is to give as many people as possible five minutes playing with and against the world’s best gamers. In other words… I would expect to be “pwnd” in less than three seconds if I took these guys on. 😉 This does not sound like the kind of feature that the co-operative play Untold Legends seems to offer, so has clearly been designed with other competitive titles in mind! An example from July is available here.

Cassidy goes on to reveal that six PS3 titles will feature Xfire middleware with more to come courtesy of deals with EA, Activision, VU Games, Ubisoft, 2K Games and Lucas Arts. This seems to show that Xfire support, even at this early stage, is having an impact on developers and that it is a feature that will get more use as PlayStation 3 title development continues. Again I should emphasise that Xfire support like this is to be considered a “bonus” to what the main PlayStation network will offer, neither is designed to replace the other.

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