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GTA:IV PS3 to Have Exclusive Content

Microsoft has made a lot of GTA:IV for a game that isn’t due out for another 364 days (yep- GTA:IV is to be released in one year yesterday). Firstly they announced that GTA:IV would be on the 360 from day one, implying some sort of exclusivity deal… when in fact they had only secured a same day launch. Then a few weeks ago at X06 came Microsoft’s claim that GTA:IV on xbox360 would contain exclusive content, again implying that there would be no such bonus for the PlayStation 3 version.

Well, now a source close to Eurogamer has informed them that the PS3 version of GTA:IV will also feature its own exclusive content. This is something that had being rumoured for since GTA:IV was announced by Microsoft at E3, with the hint actually coming from Rockstar CEO Sam Houser. The downloadable content will apparently take the form of new areas linked to the GTA:IV world, based on what’s said as well it sounds quite large- here’s hoping they play to the PS3’s strengths and use the SIXAXIS in their delivery of this new stuff.

Part of me is pretty pleased with this deal- I like the sound of every owner of the game getting something extra from it, although I am disapointed that there will still be some 360 content that I won’t really get to use fully, just as I’m sure that there are some 360 users who will be annoyed they will miss out on whatever we end up getting. One things for sure… expect endless fanboy “Mine’s better than yours” baitings.