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Phil Harrison Talks BD for PS3

BD: Part of the PS3 experienceThree Speech has an interview involving Eurogamer’s Rob Fahey and Sony’s Phil Harrison which will be published in parts.

The first segment has Harrison discussing BD and it’s use with the PS3. I’ll get straight to the point and summarise the interesting bits:

* Only BD has the sufficient storage capacity that Cell and RSX requires for data consumption. DVD 9 simply isn’t up to it

* A lot of PS3 launch titles are close to the 25GB limit (50GB should be available next year)

* HD doesn’t just mean great graphics. It allows for 7.1 audio, 1080p movies in games (think The Darkness), high res textures, improved animation etc

* Admits not every game will fill 25GB or 50GB but having that creative flexibility is beneficial not just for the present, but for years to come

* Views games that feature “full HD sequences” as part of the gaming experience and not just an excuse to fill up the disc

* Harrison denies games such as GT HD & SingStar will be shipped with very little content on the BD resulting in a waste of space. Unsure just how much but more than would be possible using DVD, plus the content available for the games will be improved upon via downloadable content on to your hdd. (no mention of cost though 😉 )

* Games could be re-published 1 or 2 years after release with all the extra content that was made available for download after the initial release, added to the disc for those who didn’t purchase the game initially or newcomers to the PS3
(The games with little or no content had better be cheap and I’m a little angry at that last comment about re-releasing games with added content to the disc that people may have already bought via downloads. There’s no point buying a game’s extra content if they release it again a year or two down the line with all that extra stuff added to the disc :x)

That’s the first part out of the way. Obviously Phil Harrison will point out the positives for including a BD in the PS3 but if I had a choice whether or not to include BD in the PS3 or not I would have it in there as the positives far outweigh the negatives for me as a gamer.

That’s despite Blu-ray bumping up the cost of the PS3 and causing delays especially to the European release of the console.

Harrison on BD for PS3